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Urban Shepherd

by MrWinter

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Go on go out now With your shopping trolley Go out and bring back lots of goodies Go drivin' in your little yellow car That space will fit you easy-peasy With funky sunnies, with label clothes With tons of makeup not much else on I love it when you're trying on those things I love it when you spend the money Pull out your little platinum credit card See how it makes it very easy So strut your stuff now Shake your little ass Make all the lads go heebie jeebies Run free, fly away Take me, don't stay Run free, fly away See the other, the other way Unpack your boxes Collapse on couch Turn over to the shopping channel Must get more inches To see what's new A bigger lounge to fit them all in Might borrow money So low on cash Time for a refreshed sugar daddy No need for clever Just not butt-ugly A little more accommodating Nice hefty wallet A brand new yellow car All loaded up to spend more money Spend more money
Blue Line 04:22
Little blue line I'm gonna sit right back and wait for the blue line Little blue line I'm gonna cruise the web while I look at the blue line My friend the blue line A little you time, then it's back to the blue line A life in the fast lane Distracted by the blue line Little blue line
Hot Bricks 04:24
Something's burnin' That smells hot Something's sizzlin' That's hot Better check outside There's flames from the top! [ch] Cos we're on fire Oo mama, oo mama We're on fire Oo mama, oo mama Something's burnin' It's our house Come on, get outside now Let's see what we've got Bring the children Don't grab your crap All of my things in there... Better call the man He'll come in his van And help us out And put it out Cos we need help [ch] (x2) Chimney's burnin' So hot (x2) Molten metal So hot [ch] (x2)
our parents generation fuels all of our frustration succumb to the temptation of the decolouration [ch] drug goes in, let it out everyone know what I'm talking about now just chillax and look around do you like what you're seeing? by a wry generation Appearance manipulation ... it's the new vocation we ain't bein' thinkin bout it maybe time to shout about it [ch] i can be - who i wanna be i can be that, i can be anyone just don't tell me what that's meant to be don't tell me, no Appearance manipulation ... a brand new vocation we ain't bein' thinkin bout it maybe time to shout about it [ch] see see me eyes be the wry generation see see me eyes be the wry generation happytulation birthdulation todulation youduation!!!!!!!!!!!! (lol by the way you don't have to put that in!!!)
Lazy Susan 03:59
What a meme needs Is little meme seeds Keen devotees Feedin' freely When a meme breathes What you been leaves Comin' back is fundamental to your own needs Evolution Of distribution Confusion Human fusion Overreaction is at the maximum Stupid product that keeps gaining traction Lotta limelight Got the timing right Got a finger on the pulse so its all right Keep a mind tight And you're alright Comin' back is fundamental in your own right Train runnin' on The handle torn The dead man keeps on rollin' Goes on and on and on and on No stopping, no No stopping, no Multinationals Grab the cash cow Ride the wave now The oil's foul (You're going down now...) Then it fractures, shatters, collapses Cruel splinters among the ashes
Outta Luck 03:30
Slippin' and a slidin' There's no use in hidin' it You ain't gonna get that break today buddy Throw your toys into a crowd Make your voice heard aloud There for all to see Appalled at the atrocity You don't wear it well Who in their right mind Is gonna take the time A little reciprocation goes a long way in this world my friend We're all outta luck, mate Slippin' and a slidin' There's no use in hidin' it You ain't gonna make that payment in a hurry When you put stuff on tic Wants fulfilled but you're thick Get your head outta the public eye You don't wanna be that guy You don't wear it well Who in their right mind Is gonna take the time A little reciprocation goes a long way in this world my friend You're all outta luck, mate
Who's Hidin' 05:42
Is someone there, just outside? I think it is… Peek out there and there's blood A syrup on the walls and floor Boots on the ground And now I feel afraid Oh no, is this for real? I'm freakin' out, a bit Maybe more than a little bit Oh yeah I won't hide anymore Who am I scared for baby is it you or me? I don't wanna terrify you A dilemma indeed Now there's a banging on the window oh oh With a start you are awake Now I don't feel afraid anymore I'm gonna wander out and be human I'll go help out the guy and settle down and make some cups of tea and get the thing done that needs doin' And I won't hide anymore The media has made me scared Of people coming up my stairs The poor guy had to use the phone Was hurt and bleeding, all alone Don't be scared of your fellow being It's just a matter of seeing and feeling The majority of people aren't out to hurt you Throw out your tv, you'll find it won't hurt you.
I dig ya baby but you're messin' with my mind I dig ya baby but you're kinda outta line I've said n said it again x2 But when the shit done hit the fan and the nasty comes out It's called the Marsden Stomp [ch] Well no my baby Oh yeah I could been up to my neck in trouble more many than a few times But I'm a man Who'll do what he can To come home to only you my baby Oh hell yeah, oh hell yeah! We had our deal, we had our deal and that still stands So come on baby lets start messin around again So come on baby I don't wanna be your friend Oh baby let's get crazy That kinda thing makes me feel alright alright It's called the Marsden Stomp Good ol' Marsden Stomp
watch the shit start goin' down beginning of demise of all the people when the world stops turnin' round when the wheels stop turning for the people view it in a dressing gown corner box your version of a peephole now you click till you have found the light that gives you all the dying people bloody mess, a choking sound weeping arm needs poking with a needle will it stop the burning ground when we're all the same ecstatic people (x2) so watch the shit start comin' down or, you could just flick over and watch an infomercial or how about someone else's life? yeah - that's much better get satisfaction out of watching someone else's problems i could be the survivor i can be the boss i can eat worse stuff than that i like being put in awkward positions i like being embarrassed for the world to see i like the attention my mom hates me my dog just left me i'm an abortion when i grow up i want to be a reality show host mommy
Gomer Grove 06:26


"Recording this album in his Wellington home studio was a seven year process for the multi-talented Chris Winter, and there is nothing in the resulting intricate web of sound to suggest it wasn’t worth every hour spent.
This record is a kaleidoscope of syncopated beats and tantalising tangents, false ends and ingenious experimentation, all tied together with Winter’s delightfully jazzy trumpet lines.
Wonderfully creative and consistently entertaining, this electro-jazz album is reward for those who demand that little bit more of their aural pleasures."... NZ Musician April/May 2012


released February 2, 2012


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MrWinter Wellington, New Zealand

Genre-defying multi-instrumentalist/sound designer/composer

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